Seller: Mandy Bidwell
State: Arkansas
City: Friendship
Zip code: 14739
Type: Animals

I dont know how to start about this guy! He has been through alot. I found him about 9 days ago starving and in Very poor health. I allready have 3 cats and unfortunetly cant keep him. When I found him he had a chewed up ear and a buldge in his right side. He was dirty covered in burdock and so hungry. I took him to vet, he has been wormed, treated for fleas and is currently on an antibiotic. Vet thought the buldge was a ropey mass??? Well next day cleaning his litter box (you wont believe this), I found something hard and white. After some inspection (yuk) I discovered he had a 8 ft long thin rope in his poo! And after seeing this I discovered his buldge in the belly was gone! People this guy was so hungry he was eating rope!! My heart cries for him. Im so glad he found me. He has been fighting to survive the outdoors and I really want him to be a house cat. He deserves it. This guy is sooo loving. He lays in my lap for hours just cant seem to get close enough to me. He is a small male black and brown striped...we thought he was 8 months old. Vet says he is 2.5 to 3 yrs old. He is great with my kids (2 & 6) And is finally feeling better. He has a doc appointment again on the 28th to see how he is doing. I believe he will be well in no time. He is not fixed and needs his shots but he has been tested for the feline lukemia and it was negative. If there is someone out there that wants a loving companion I know this guy would be so greatful! I would like at least 2 referances, I just want him to go to a truley good home. Please contact me after 3pm as I work during the day. I have enclosed some pics of this hansome guy, last one is with me the second day i had him!